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Off Site Construction

Off Site Construction

We manufacture much of what we install to save your project time and money

Off Site Construction is the process of removing various aspects of a buildings mechanical systems from installation in the field and pre-fabricating them in a controlled manufacturing facility.  Many of the components comprising a building’s mechanical system can be incorporated into one factory fabricated mechanical envelope which can include numerous systems from central utility equipment, such as chillers and boilers, to pumps, piping and insulation, controls, ductwork, air handling units and electrical equipment.  A mechanical superstructure can be built congruently while the rest of the site is under construction.  When assembly is complete, the unit can be set in place as the building’s structure is finished.  State of the art, fully integrated and pre-tested mechanical infrastructure can be installed in a matter of days.  This allows for a significant reduction in the construction schedule, eliminates costly field labor and may allow for significant tax savings because it may be depreciated as an entire piece of equipment.  The off site approach can also package the equipment and systems in a more efficient way than traditional construction reducing valuable building square footage.  Both quality control and safety are improved by utilizing a dedicated manufacturing facility.  Weather delays can be virtually eliminated and crane costs can be significantly reduced, saving time and money.  Each project is completely custom to meet the specific needs of the client.


Mechanical penthouses incorporate multiple systems into one off site constructed mechanical superstructure and can include utility components such as chillers and boilers, electrical and controls, piping and ductwork and other systems from both the air side and fluid side of a buildings infrastructure.   Off site penthouses reduce the overall number of hours required to complete a project and accelerate the overall schedule.  Pre-testing and pre-commissioning help eliminate delays in the field.

Central Utility Plants

Central utility plants (CUP) typically incorporate a combination of chillers, boilers, cooling towers, pumps, piping and insulation.  Our Off Site constructed CUPs provide the infrastructure critical to your buildings facilities.  Decades of experience go into engineering CUPs for efficiency and serviceability.  As with mechanical penthouses, parallel construction with the building allows for a reduced construction schedule, reduced field labor and improved quality control.  Additional benefits include optimization of the plant, controls installation and factory testing.

Custom Air Handlers

Custom air handlers are designed for a variety of applications using an all-aluminum, a fully welded foam panel system with aluminum extrusions and a phenolic break for true no through metal construction.  Fabricated from the highest quality materials and components, custom air handlers are designed to last the life of the building they serve and eliminate the future cost of unit replacement.   With leakage rates of less than ½ of 1 percent of design volume, efficiency and operating cost are an integral part of the design process.  Premium efficient components from nationally recognized vendors complete the unit for an air handler that is second to none. 

Data Centers

Comfort Systems realizes that the benefits of off site construction can expand outside of mechanical penthouses and have applied this knowledge to data centers.  Each data center is engineered to exceed the rigors and disciplines required for the complex, multi-faceted needs of organizations operating in highly regulated industries.  The design incorporates expandability in Tier 2/3/4 configurations which allow you to invest in what is needed today while planning for your future needs.  Each data center benefits from parallel construction which occurs during site preparation and allows the data center to be shipped from the factory to the job site complete with all required Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and IT Infrastructure installed and tested. 

Super Skids

Mechanical infrastructure can take on many different forms.  There are a large number of possible packages that may include pumps, chillers, boilers, medical air and vacuum, heat exchangers, VAV boxes, process equipment, custom pipe racks or other components of a building’s mechanical equipment.  These skids are manufactured in controlled environment and are pre-tested and pre-commissioned to reduce schedule and cost compared to being completed on site.

Electrical Solutions

Electrical solutions include custom generator packages, UPS systems, ATS packages, MCC packages and battery backup systems.  A combination of PEs and certified electricians ensure that each custom electrical solution provides proper integration with the rest of the buildings systems.  Enclosed electrical solutions include all heating and cooling required to provide proper operation of electrical equipment.   Customized for each project, our electrical solutions provide unparalleled quality and schedule reduction when compared to field installed electrical components.

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